We underline{care}, so you don't have to

We care, so you don't have to

Feel at ease in your home, at the snap of a finger. Protect your nest from €3.99/month.

Forget all your preconceptions about insurance

The days of old-fashioned insurance are over. Welcome to the Lovys era: your 100% online protection, customisable and without commitment. It's 100% you.

Protection in your image

Because you are unique, so are our insurance plans. Add or remove as much cover as you want, depending on your needs: you're the boss!

Protection in your image

At the best price

In addition to giving you more freedom, our 100% digital offer will ease your wallet: we offer the fairest prices on the market (no less than that)

At the best price

No hassle

Protect yourself and your loved ones in 2 minutes. No paperwork, no blah blah, no commitment. It's this simple to get insurance in the 21st century.

No hassle
Love. underline{Enjoy.} Live.

Love. Enjoy. Live.

We take care of the rest.

Why Lovys insurance and not another?

Why Lovys insurance and not another?

Flexible and affordable online insurance? It's the least we could do. We have raised the bar (even) higher for you.

Digital yes, but human above all

No more automated customer service! At Lovys, our customer service is resolutely human and empathetic: we listen to you, advise you and support you by email, chatbot and telephone.

(Super) Strong partnerships

Each of our products relies on the strongest partners in the insurance market to reliably (re)insure you.

Your freedom is our priority

The icing on the cake: we offer you the first all-in-one monthly subscription... with no commitment! Insure what you want, when you want, and cancel when you want.

Insurance even simpler than 1+1

Create your own tailor-made protection

It's up to you! Click on the Lovys insurance that suits you best, and personalise your cover to match your lifestyle... until you get the perfect plan.

Finalise your contract in 2 minutes

Pull out your bank card, sign your contract online... and that's it. Really. Once your Lovys contract has been validated, you will be insured faster than a pizza delivery.

Smile, you're protected

You don't have to do anything else (except go about your business and enjoy life). Need a certificate? Find it on you customer area in a few clicks. We handle the rest.

45.000 clients Lovys

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3.9 stars on TrustPilot. Thousands in our eyes.

Super easy + beautifully designed = Get Lovys!


I needed an insurance on the day and in a few minutes all was done.


Quick and effective. Great experience.


Needed an attestation, got it in a few minutes.


I had a question and I quickly got a satisfying answer.


What do you want to protect?

Lovys France


from €3.99/month
 - from €3.99/month

Find out more about our home insurance that is as strong as concrete.

  • Water damage
  • Fire
  • Natural disasters
Lovys France


from €6.30/month
 - from €6.30/month

Discover our car insurance with chrome finish.

  • Driver's civil liability
  • Driver's personal injury
  • Criminal defence and appeals following an accident
Lovys France

Cats & Dogs

from €9/month
Cats & Dogs
 - from €9/month

Discover our completely w(oof) pet insurance for your fur baby!

  • Visits to the vet
  • Medical costs
  • Surgery
  • No deductibles
Lovys France


from €4.99/month
 - from €4.99/month

Discover our 100% smart smartphone insurance.

  • Broken screen
  • Water damage
  • Theft
Lovys France


from €8.90/month
 - from €8.90/month

Discover our tailored health insurance!

  • Customizable plans
  • Unbeatable prices
  • Fast reimbursements

5 things you might be wondering

What is the difference between Lovys and a traditional insurer?

With Lovys, you can:

  • Say goodbye to administrative headaches: everything is done online, no paperwork! You can subscribe, modify or cancel in just a few clicks.

  • Tailor your protection to your needs: with our 100% flexible platform, customise your insurance by adding the options that suit your lifestyle.

  • Pay only one monthly instalment with no commitment: you finally can have a clear view of your insurance budget thanks to a single monthly instalment, which adjusts each time you add insurance to your profile.

Save time, register on Lovys today! We take care of the rest.

All-in-one insurance and one monthly payment: how does it work?

Lovys allows you to insure all your property through a single monthly payment. For example, if you decide to insure your house, phone and car for a total of €86/month: we will debit your account once a month on the anniversary of the initial subscription (if you subscribed on 10 January, then the debit will take place every 10th of the month).

If you add a new insurance policy on Lovys (for example, on the 14th of the month), you pay the first monthly instalment completely and the second on a pro rata basis (in this case, for 27 days of insurance) so that your overall Lovys monthly instalment continues to be debited on the 10th of the month.

In short, say goodbye to annual prepayments: you will finally be able to easily control your "insurance" budget. And not a moment too soon!

How to subscribe to Lovys?

Lovys makes your life easier. Whatever insurance you want to buy, it won't take you more than two minutes. All you have to do is follow these 6 steps:

  • Visit Lovys.com

  • Click on the insurance you want (home, car, smartphone, pet)

  • Customise your cover to suit your needs

  • Use your bank card to pay your first monthly instalment

  • Sign your contract online (your account is only debited once the document is signed)

  • Go to your mailbox or your personal Lovys space to see all your documents.

That's it, welcome to Lovys 😊

I would like to change to Lovys but I am already insured, how can I do that?

You already know, Lovys takes care of everything! If you have already been insured for more than 12 months, we can terminate your old contract for you. All you have to do is fill in some information at the end of the procedure:

  • The name of your insurer

  • The contract number (often placed next to: "contract No." or "member No.")

  • The date of subscription (often next to your signature in the special conditions of your current contract)

This information can be found on your contract or your insurance certificate. But, if you have any difficulties, contact us via the chat on the lovys.com homepage, we will find them together 😊

Since the Hamon law of 2015, you can easily cancel your home insurance, once the first year of your contract is over. The minimum notice period to be given to your current insurer is one month. Then you are refunded the pro rata amount of your contribution (even if you have paid for the next 12 months).

What if I want to cancel my Lovys subscription?

There is no commitment! At Lovys, you pay monthly and you can cancel whenever you want. You're free as a bird.

For compulsory insurance, you are also free to leave when you provide the necessary documents. Of course, we will reimburse you the excess amount paid (provided that no claim has been made).