white{A Home Insurance policy designed to suit you.}

A Home Insurance policy designed to suit you.

Owner or Tenant? No matter which one you feel identified with, this is the home insurance for you. Monthly, simple and customised. From 4,99€/monthly

Protect monthly everything that matters most to you

At Lovys we have designed what we believe is the best home insurance: simple, easy to understand, accessible and 100% customised. Insuring your home doesn’t have to be stressful anymore.

A Home Insurance customised to your needs

Customise your home insurance policy. Choose between the Basic, Medium, or Full plan and only add the coverages you need. Why paying for something you don't need? The price of your home insurance is important.

A Home Insurance customised to your needs

Simple, transparent, trustworthy

Lovys is the home insurance you have always deserved.

  • 100% digital and effective

  • Easy to contract and (to cancel)

  • Backed by solid Spanish underwritters

Simple, transparent, trustworthy

You can count on our support

Whether by email support@lovys.com, telephone 919 03 07 87, or chat: we are always available to answer your questions (whatever they may be).

You can count on our support

Why take out our home insurance?

Monthly subscripction

Once you have chosen your home insurance plan, you will have additional coverages available to add. You will be able to modify what you need, and pay each month only for what you really need.

With no additional fees

You never understood what management positions are? Neither did we. The final price is the final price. We are an affordable (and reliable) home insurance.

With no problems

Are you looking for a home insurance policy that makes your life easier? Lovys has created it for you. Everything is done in a few clicks (from underwriting to covering your losses).

The best coverage to insure your home.

Civil liability

If someone is injured in your home or if you cause damage to a third party, Lovys will pay compensation, legal costs, and other related expenses.

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Water damage

Forgot to turn off a tap? Do you have a blockage in one of your pipes? Did your washing machine overflow? Don't worry, Lovys home insurance covers such common mishaps.

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Anticipating to the downsides seems (to us) to be a good move. If you think similar, this coverage is your best bet. It covers the repair of your household goods that have been damaged by any accidental breakage.

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Theft damage

We cannot avoid an unpleasant situation like this, but we can alleviate its consequences. And because better safe than sorry, we will also reimburse you for the cost of replacing the lock of your home.

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Fire and weather damage

In addition to fire, we cover explosion, lightning, and smoke damage. For example, if an explosion occurs and your boiler is affected, this coverage allows you to repair or replace it. It also protects against possible atmospheric eventualities that may happen to your home or the property inside.

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And there is much more!

We don’t want to be just empty words when we say that our home insurance is the insurance that adapts to you and not the other way around.

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We have the plan you need. Check it out!

Lovys Spain


If minimalism is your thing (but you like to be protected). From 4,99€/mes

  • Water damage

  • Fire damage

  • Weather damage

  • Civil liability

  • 24/7 Basic Assistance Pack

Lovys Spain


If you think that the middle ground is always the answer, this is your plan. From 5,50€/monthly

  • Coverage included in Basic Plan

  • Robbery

  • Aesthetic damages

  • Civil liability

  • 24/7 Basic Assistance Pack

Lovys Spain


If you don't want to leave anything to chance. From 6,99€/monthly

  • Coverage included in Medium Plan

  • Extent of basic and climatic damage

  • Civil liability

  • 24/7 Basic Assistance Pack

Do you have any questions? Find answers

If you own a home and are looking for the best home insurance to protect it, but you have doubts when it comes to making a decision: you have come to the right place. Here you can find the answers to all the frequently asked questions about our home insurance.

Is Lovys a reliable company to insure my home?

Lovys is a French insurtech born in 2017 and operating in Spain since 2021. A what? Insurtech is nothing more than a contraction of insurance and technology. We are a startup that makes insurance fairer, more transparent, and simpler. We create the product (in this case, our home insurance) sell the policies, and manage the claims. All of this, with the help of the country's most prestigious insurance and reinsurance companies. So, we are delighted to say that yes, of course, you can trust Lovys.

Do you want to know more about us? We'd love to answer your questions. Contact us at support@lovys.com or if you prefer, you can contact us by phone at 919 03 07 87

How can I get a home insurance quote with Lovys?

There is nothing easier than getting a customised quote. Click on "Calculate home insurance" and fill in the requested information. It won't take more than 2 minutes.

If you decide that Lovys is for you, once you take out your contract and your policy is activated, you will be able to consult your documentation whenever you wish in your personal area from the website.

How can I pay for my Lovys home insurance?

The first payment of your home insurance must be made instantly by credit card. After the first payment, you can change your payment method from your personal area.

At Lovys we believe your freedom as a customer is the most important thing, that's why our home insurance is paid monthly.

In home insurance, what is an excess, and on what basis should I choose it?

This is the amount of money you will have to pay in the event of a claim.  For example: in case of damages produced by water, with an excess of €150, and compensation of €1000, you will receive €850, which means you will be responsible for the €150. The higher the excess on your chosen home insurance, the lower your monthly premium will be.

Without excess: you pay nothing out of your pocket in the event of an accident.

With excess: you pay the amount stipulated in your policy

How can I notice a loss?

To notice a loss and receive personalised attention, contact us at 918 66 98 01, and we will help you find out how to proceed. You can call us at your convenience, our service is available 24/7. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can send us an email to siniestros@lovys.com telling us what happened and including the following information:

-A detailed statement of the losses (how it happened, date, time, place, and cause of the loss)

-Damage photos (Photos of the entire scene and close-up and clear photos of the loss)

-Contact information of the people involved (yours, your neighbours', etc.)

-An estimate or quote for the repairs that need to be carried out

What is the difference between the 3 plans in our home insurance (Basic, Medium, Full Plan)?

Depending on whether you are an owner or a tenant, and depending on your needs, you will be more interested in one plan or another. Great! Because we have several options to choose from to insure your home… The difference between our home insurance plans is the amount of cover they offer. Whichever you choose, at the end of your purchase you will also be able to add the customised Assistance pack of your choice (choosing between Basic, Essential, or Comfort).

The Basic Assistance Pack is included in all 3 plans at no additional cost.

  • Basic: Civil Liability, Water Damage, Fire Damage, Weather Damage, and Basic Assistance Pack.

  • Medium: the coverages of the Basic plan plus Damages due to theft, breakage, aesthetic Damages, and Damages caused by electricity.

  • Complete: the coverages included in the Medium Plan plus Fire Extinction, Replacement of documents, Expenses due to inoccupation, Removals and Storage, Loss of rentals due to temporary inoccupation, and Vandalism (Extension of basic and climatic damage).

In the 3 plans, you will be able to customise the value of your home insurance policy in contents and excess and also, add the extra cover of Civil Liability for pets.

How can I choose the best home insurance for me?

A good home insurance policy should protect your home (whether you live in it or not) from all possible claims that may occur in it: water damage, theft, fire, weather phenomena, etc. It must also be able to cover you if you unintentionally cause damage to third parties: this is called Civil Liability.

This would be the main thing. At Lovys, all our home insurance policies can be customised to suit your needs and lifestyle. You can extend coverage at any time.

I don't understand the terms used in home insurance, what do they mean?

It is true, sometimes they can be complicated: they are many and sometimes a bit cumbersome, it seems that you have to be an engineer to be able to understand them. At Lovys, based on our idea of offering simple and transparent home insurance, we have created a small glossary where you can find the definition of the most common terms. Have a look here.

Is there any information that remains unclear? Contact us at support@lovys.com or if you prefer, you can contact us by phone at 919 03 07 87

What can I do if my house is squatted?

Stay calm and try not to take the law into your own hands, as this can make things worse. Call or go to the police as soon as you are aware of it, in this case, the first 24-48 hours are key for eviction as no warrant will be needed for them to enter your home (as it will be considered breaking and entering). However, if 48 hours pass, a court order for eviction will be necessary, as well as a lawyer to handle the process.

From our experience, we suggest that if you are thinking of renting your home first take a look at our Rent Guarantee Insurance and see all the problems you can save yourself by taking it out.

Why should I insure my home?

Because if you like to save, it's the best way to do it. Lovys home insurance is not an expense, it's an investment! And we don't want to sound like telemarketers, but it's the truth. When you take out home insurance you not only protect your home, you also protect what matters you the most! And we do not refer only to objects because a home insurance policy also allows you to include in your cover goods of great value such as jewellery or goods of great importance for you, your work and leisure, such as your computer equipment.

Thanks to coverages such as theft and electrical damage, you can obtain total protection for this type of goods.

How much does it cost to have home insurance with Lovys?

From 4.99€ at Lovys you can have a home insurance policy. Why so cheap? In our case, low-cost home insurance does not mean bad insurance, it means that we have no physical branches and that we work with algorithms, which allows us to have lower costs and be more efficient with our services.

If I want to talk about my home insurance, what can I do?

Contact us! Contact us at support@lovys.com or by phone at 919 03 07 87. Our Customer Service team is always there to help you with everything you need: queries, processing of losses, claims... everything. Without machines answering but real people.

I already have a home insurance but I want to change to Lovys Home Insurance, how can I do it?

To cancel a home insurance policy, it is necessary to notify the insurer one month in advance. If your insurance expiry date (when your commitment to your current insurance, which typically lasts for a year, comes to an end) is coming up, we can get on working with it for you to start with Lovys (we love the idea!).