At last, dog and cat insurance that's the cat's pyjamas!

At last, dog and cat insurance that's the cat's pyjamas!

Take care of your pet with our dog & cat health insurance. Starting at €9 per month with no deductible.

Why choose Lovys pet insurance?

Because no one should have a problem insuring their pet, Lovys offers you a 100% online, flexible, inexpensive pet insurance. And it's always without deductible.

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Reimbursement in 3 days

Medical costs for your furry friend are expensive! In the event of accident or illness, you will be reimbursed within 72 hours at a rate of 60% to 80%. This includes your pet's:

  • Consultations with the vet

  • Surgery & vaccines

  • And even his medicines

Reimbursement in 3 days

100% customisable

Create a tailor-made cat insurance or dog insurance policy. Coverage for loss or theft of the animal, food, funeral and death... It's up to you.

100% customisable
A underline{veterinarian} available for you

A veterinarian available for you

Our experts advise you

No more stress episodes; in just a few minutes, get professional advice for your beloved furball!

Available every day of the week

Uncertainty? An injury? By downloading our Lovys app, you now have access to a 24/7 veterinary teleconsultation service.

Via call or chat

Our professional veterinarians are available to you via chat or phone, every day of the week!

Pet insurance is good. Inexpensive is even better.

0 deductible

At Lovys, not all cats are black in the dark: when we say that you are reimbursed for such and such an amount, you actually receive that amount. You will never pay any deductible.

100% online

Traditional insurance and its paperwork... It gets expensive fast. With our 100% digital insurance, you only pay for the protection of your pet. It's normal.

No compromise

Our dog and cat insurance includes the best guarantees to protect you at the best price! Protecting your furry friend should not depend on your wallet.

Our low-cost dog and cat insurance packages

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The basic guarantees to protect your best friend in case of booboos or illness.

  • Accidents

  • Diseases

Lovys France


The guarantees with little extras, just as delicious as his stick.

  • Accidents

  • Illness

  • Preventive care 50€/year

Lovys France


The cream of guarantees, to ensure a full life.

  • Accidents

  • Illness

  • Preventive care 100€/year

Our options are the cat's meow!

Funeral and death cover

When the worst happens, we are there to help you. Lovys relieves you of part of the costs of your pet's funeral.

Therapeutic feeding guarantee

Lovys reimburses your pet's therapeutic food up to €200/year. He's already licking his chops!

Guarantee for search costs

If your pet is lost or stolen, we will contribute up to €250 to the search costs.

Pet insurance: advice, information and tips for protecting your pet

When looking for the best pet insurance to protect your pet, you probably have lots of questions. Why insure my pet? What guarantees and options are included? And what is the price of dog/cat insurance?

So, the cat’s not got our tongue, here are all the answers to your questions just below 😺

The ABCs of animal insurance

Why insure your pet? What is the purpose of pet insurance?

Elementary, my dear Watson. As elementary as protecting your pet!

Because it’s a fact: even though cat & dog health insurance is optional, the life of our furry friends is always full of surprises. Accidents happen (a fall from several floors, a cut pad, etc.), little booboos and serious problems occur… Not to mention common diseases such as rabies, and the annual vaccination for this costs an arm and a leg!

Insuring your pet is therefore first and foremost a choice for peace of mind. Accidents and illnesses don’t just happen to other people; in the event of an emergency, the caring owner can always count on 24/7 assistance.

Insuring your pet is also (and above all) an economical choice. Did you know that on average, a pet costs €563 per year in health costs? Because your best friend should never be your biggest expense, pet insurance (and its reimbursements) is essential to ease your wallet.

So what are you waiting for to give your pet the assurance of a serene and full life… without breaking the bank? 😉

Does my pet need to have been examined by a vet in the last 12 months?

No. Most insurers will require you to have a veterinary examination within the last 12 months before insuring your pet… Not us 😊 When we say we’re shaking up the insurance world, we really are!

In concrete terms, Lovys undertakes to protect your cat or dog in the event of a problem – even if you do not provide medical proof. After all, it’s your pet’s health that really matters to us, not the paperwork.

But that’s no reason not to have your pet checked regularly! In the event of a health problem, your pet will at least have the advantage of being taken care of in time, before the problem becomes too threatening.

When to take out pet insurance?

It would be a mistake to wait until your pet has a health problem before insuring it. We can’t stress this enough: anticipate and protect her as soon as possible! There are three reasons for this.

First, because it is advisable to insure your pet from the age of 3 months. Yes, the mother’s antibodies protect her young until that age. After 3 months, the puppy’s or kitten’s immune system builds up its own antibodies… and, as a result, the risk of contracting a disease increases!

Second, because insurance companies set an age limit for taking out insurance, between 5 and 8 years depending on the breed. So don’t hang around too long if you’re planning to insure your doggie or kitty. At Lovys, for example, we insure your fur ball up to 8 years old.

Finally, because all insurance has waiting periods. This means that your pet will not be protected immediately; your coverage will be effective days or even months after the policy start date. All the more reason to plan ahead for your pet’s protection and avoid having your claim rejected 😼

Lovys France

How to choose the best dog insurance

How much does dog insurance cost?

That’s a good question! It is difficult to estimate the price of dog insurance. Why? Because it varies according to many criteria: the age of the animal, his state of health, whether he is tattooed… or even the formula and the options chosen.

 However, to give you an idea of the cost, you should expect to pay between €10 and €25 per month for insurance for a young dog in France. At Lovys, for example, our dog insurance offer starts at €9/month.

Which dog insurance should I choose?

As a dog owner, you know better than anyone else: veterinary costs resulting from an accident or illness are very (and even too) expensive. That’s why it’s a good idea to insure your furry friend to reduce costs 😉 But what insurance should you choose for your dog?

Hm, it’s hard to answer you straight away. Here, it’s just like with prices: the criteria for a “good” dog health insurance policy vary according to your pet’s unique profile, the benefits and options you are looking for…

However, because we like you so much, here are 5 criteria to consider when choosing dog insurance:

  • Available guarantees and options: for the same package, compare the guarantees and options offered. This will give you a concrete idea of how well your dog is covered in case of a problem.
  • The cost of the premium: there is no reason to ruin yourself in order to protect your pet! At Lovys, we believe that a good level of cover should be available at low cost.
  • The rate of reimbursement: on average, [this rate varies between 50% and 80%]. – For comparison, Lovys reimburses you a minimum of 60% 😻 Also take a look at the reimbursement limits, especially if your pet is no longer young! Because a furry friend who is getting old is a furry friend who is more prone to tumours and costly surgery, we adapt your reimbursement benefits accordingly.
  • The amount of the deductible: this is the amount you have to pay in the event of a claim… or not pay. At Lovys, there is no deductible: when you are told that you will be reimbursed for a certain amount, you actually receive that amount.
  • Additional costs: on paper, some packages seem inexpensive… This is without taking into account the application fees that considerably inflate the bill. At Lovys, rest assured: there are no fees, you only pay for the protection of your dog and that’s it.

What are the category 1 and category 2 dog breeds?

According to French regulations, so-called “dangerous” dogs are divided into two categories: category 1, which includes attack dogs, and category 2, which includes guard and defence dogs.

The breeds concerned are:

  • American Staffordshire terrier (formerly Staffordshire terrier)
  • Rottweiler
  • Tosa
  • As well as dogs that are comparable by their morphology to the Rottweiler breed, or not registered in a breed register recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Guide and advice for your dog: which insurance to choose according to the breed?

At Lovys, we insure all breeds of dogs. Here are some of them 👇

  • Brown Basset of Brittany

Hardy and resistant, the Brown Basset of Brittany is a rather robust breed: it has no hereditary diseases and tolerates the cold well. On the other hand, high temperatures can be a problem for him! It is therefore always advisable to take out health insurance for your dog, to reduce any expenses you may incur at the vet.

  • German Shepherd

Although the German Shepherd is a robust dog, he is nevertheless exposed to a number of diseases such as: canine parvovirus, hip and elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism and von Willebrand disease. Your German Shepherd should therefore be dewormed and vaccinated regularly. You should expect to pay between €1,400 and €1,500 for annual care, which is why it is a good idea to take out dog insurance to cover a large part of the veterinary costs.

  • Belgian Tervueren Shepherd

Despite their robust health, Belgian Shepherds are prone to various diseases such as epilepsy, hyperthyroidism and hip dysplasia. Count on about €1,350 each year to care for this breed of dog. To limit the care costs, it is best to take out good pet insurance!

  • Anatolian Shepherd Dog (Turkish dog)

Also known as the Kangal Shepherd, the Anatolian Shepherd is a member of the giant dog family, and because of its robust physique, he is not very susceptible to disease. However, the Turkish dog is not spared from the risk of hip dysplasia, which is common in this breed. You can expect to pay between €1,000 and €1,400 in annual care costs for this behemoth: taking out health insurance can therefore be a useful to help you calmly plan your future vet visits!

  • Caucasian Shepherd

Originally from Georgia, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is prone to heart problems because of his very large size. He is also not immune to common dog diseases, such as canine heartworm. A good health insurance policy will save you a lot of trouble: this massive dog costs about €2,000 a year in care, a large part of which is for vet fees.

  • Polish Shepherd of Podhale

This particularly strong breed of dog is not prone to specific diseases. Due to its large size, the Polish Podhalese Shepherd is nevertheless at risk of hip dysplasia. His large, floppy ears also expose him to regular ear infections. Finally, this breed puts on weight easily, so it is advisable to take out good dog insurance, with the “therapeutic feeding” option, to limit the risk of obesity and reduce your veterinary costs.

  • Bouvier des Flandres

This hardy breed is resistant to the cold and does not get sick very often. That said, the Bouvier des Flandres is prone to anomalies of the lumbosacral area, cardiac stenosis… In total, you should expect to pay on average €600 per year for care: this is why you will need health insurance to cover your dog’s veterinary care!

  • Pug

Rather fragile, the Pug can be subject to respiratory problems and eye diseases, not to mention common canine diseases. She should also be monitored when giving birth, because complications are common in this breed. With an annual care cost of around €900, it is essential that her vaccination and deworming are up to date and complete. To reduce your veterinary bills, consider taking out good health insurance for your pet!

  • Canaan Dog (Oriental dog)

Originally from Israel, the Canaan Dog is a powerful animal with robust health! Indeed, this breed has no specific predisposition, except for hip dysplasia. You can expect to pay €480 per year for puppy vaccinations, deworming, tick removal, etc. We therefore recommend that you take out health insurance to cover the necessary veterinary expenses and any accidents.

  • Chow Chow

This large, lion-like teddy bear is in good health and rarely suffers from any hereditary diseases. However, the Chow Chow can face health problems related to its large size and coat, including hip dysplasia and dog bites. How much does it cost to care for this Chinese doggie every year? Approx. €1,400. Insurance is then useful to cover your veterinary expenses.

  • English Cocker Spaniel

Although robust by nature, the English Cocker Spaniel is prone to three serious diseases: progressive retinal atrophy, familial nephropathy and coxofemoral dysplasia. You should also not neglect vaccination and deworming! You should also regularly clean his long ears, which parasites love. Expect to pay around €1,000 a year for care; dog health insurance can be useful in keeping costs down.

  • Dalmatian

Cruella de Vil’s favourite breed is robustly healthy. Nevertheless, the Dalmatian is not immune to illnesses such as deafness, oesophageal dilatation, kidney disease or urinary stones. On average, an annual care budget of €1,450 is required! Opting for the Lovys BALANCED or PERFECT formula of insurance can therefore be useful to have part of your preventive costs (vaccinations, spaying and neutering, deworming, etc.) reimbursed.

  • Dogue de Bordeaux

Although stocky and massive in appearance, the Dogue de Bordeaux is nevertheless prone to numerous pathologies: osteoarticular problems, brachycephalic syndrome, cancer, skin problems, dystocia, cardiac pathologies, eye problems, intolerance to heat, overweight… This explains the minimum annual care budget for him of €1,850. To reduce your veterinary costs, it is highly recommended that you take out insurance for your pet.

  • Majorcan Mastiff

Also known as Ca De Bou, the Dogue de Majorca is quite robust and resistant. However, due to his slow growth, his joints need to be monitored, as well as his diet to avoid being overweight. We therefore recommend that you take out a health insurance policy to cover your veterinary costs, with the option of therapeutic feeding.

  • Tibetan Mastiff

This big, furry teddy bear is distinguished by his robustness. Yes, despite his short life expectancy, the Tibetan Mastiff is a very healthy dog! However, he can suffer from various pathologies: osteochondritis dissecans, epilepsy, chronic ear infections, demodecie, allergies and hereditary polyneuropathy… and even a tendency to obesity. In order to cope with this, and to pay for your care costs, a dog insurance policy (with a “therapeutic feeding” option) is obviously recommended.

  • Brittany Spaniel

The Breton Spaniel is a healthy dog and does not get sick very often. However, his ears are fragile and he may be subject to various diseases: cocofemoral dysplasia, medial luxation of the patella, cystinuria… Or, more rarely, a muscular dystrophy linked to the X chromosome, cerebellar cortical amyotrophy, spinal amyotrophy, etc. It costs about €1,000 per year to care for him: taking out health insurance to cover your expenses in the event of illness, vaccination and deworming can therefore be very useful!

  • Japanese Spaniel

Very fragile, this breed is prone to genetic disorders, cardio-respiratory, ear and eye diseases. Not to mention common dog diseases. Phew, what a dog’s life! In order to protect this small dog, vaccination is recommended from a young age. Deworming is also essential to prevent intestinal parasites. It is therefore best to take out a very substantial health insurance policy, including a prevention package (such as the ESSENTIAL and PERFECT packages of the Lovys dog insurance), for your Japanese Spaniel.

  • Eurasier

The average annual care for this German behemoth is €1,300. Indeed, despite a rather robust health, the Eurasier is prone to hip dysplasia due to her large size. This breed is also very fragile during pregnancy: neutering your dog is a good option if you do not plan to breed her! To minimise all these costs, it is highly recommended to take out dog insurance.

  • Griffon Korthals

With its hard coat and sturdy health, this breed is not afraid of the cold or the weather. Nevertheless, the Griffon Korthals is prone to hip dysplasia and prostate disorders. Despite a decent annual care budget, it is best to take out basic dog insurance to anticipate costs and to be ready for possible accidents.

  • Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is an Arctic sled dog with virtually no hereditary diseases. However, as a Nordic dog, he cannot stand hot weather and may suffer from hip dysplasia. The annual care costs for this breed range from €1,500 to €1,600, so health insurance is a good way to offset the cost of veterinary care!

  • Pekingese

Prone to eye and dental problems, this dog is quite fragile and sensitive to dirt. In addition, even if this breed does not have any hereditary pathology, the Pekingese is not spared from the risk of parvovirosis. To anticipate the costs in case of risk, and to limit the annual care costs of around €900, it is best to opt for a comprehensive dog insurance.

  • Small Brabant Griffon

Small but robust nonetheless, the Small Brabant Griffon very rarely gets sick and does not show any hereditary disease. That said, you should expect to pay between €600 and €900 a year for care, including vaccinations and deworming. Taking out a dog health insurance policy that includes the prevention package (like the Lovys dog insurance packages 2 or 3) can only be a good idea to limit your veterinary costs!

  • Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz (Andalusian dog)

The Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz is a very healthy animal and almost never gets sick. But here’s the thing: male puppies are prone to testicular abnormalities at birth. Females, on the other hand, are very fragile during the pregnancy. Finally, in general, Andalusian dogs are prone to common diseases, such as Lyme disease. Hence the importance of taking out health insurance for this dog which, after all, costs an average of €700 per year to maintain!

  • Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard, aka “Beethoven”, requires a lot of attention: in terms of his diet, which must be rich so as not to weaken his bones, in terms of his eyes because of the risk of entropion… Not to mention hearing problems that are fairly frequent in this breed. Taking out pet insurance is a good idea, especially to reduce the veterinary costs for this big dog, which costs between €2,000 and €2,500 for annual care.

  • German Spitz

The German Spitz is a robust, fox-like ball of fur. The proof: thanks to his origins and his fur, he can withstand the cold and bad weather very well! His (very) reasonable care budget varies from 20€ to 40€ per month, depending on the size of the animal. However, beware of the Miniature Spitz, who is prone to excess weight, alopecia and tracheal collapse: to deal with these various pathologies and prevent the worst, dog insurance is useful.

  • Japanese Spitz

Although quite robust by nature, this beauty from the land of the Rising Sun is prone to common diseases, such as Lyme disease in dogs. With an annual care cost of between €300 and €600, the Japanese Spitz requires regular vaccination and deworming. Therefore, think about taking out a dog health insurance policy that includes the prevention package (such as the Lovys dog insurance packages 2 or 3), in order to reduce your vet bills.

Lovys France

How to choose the best cat insurance

How much does cat insurance cost?

Very good question! It is complicated to estimate the precise price of cat insurance, because it varies according to several criteria: the age of the animal, her state of health… or the formula and the options chosen!

It is therefore impossible to indicate a single rate for all cats. That said, to give you a price range, expect to pay between 8€ and 20€ per month to insure a cat in France. At Lovys, for example, our cat insurance offer starts at €9/ month.

Which cat insurance should I choose?

As a cat owner, you know that the veterinary costs resulting from an accident or illness are expensive, very expensive… Hence the interest in insuring your kitty cat to reduce costs 😉 But then, which insurance should you choose for your cat?

Hm, it’s hard to name a particular insurance policy. And for good reason! The criteria for a “good” cat health insurance policy vary depending on your pet’s unique profile, the benefits and options you are looking for…

To make the best choice of cat insurance, there is nothing like using the services of a free online comparer! This will enable you to find the offer that best suits your needs, with the best value for money.

However, to guide you in your choice, here are 5 criteria to (always) take into account:

  • Available guarantees and options: for the same package, compare the guarantees and options offered. This will give you a concrete idea of how well your cat is covered in case of a problem.
  • The cost of the premium: there is no reason to ruin yourself in order to protect your Molly! At Lovys, we believe that a good level of cover should be available at a low cost.
  • The reimbursement rate: on average, [this rate varies between 50% and 80%] In comparison, Lovys reimburses you up to 80% and a maximum of €1,500/year! Also pay attention to the annual reimbursement limits: if the monthly payment is the lowest, it may be that the maximum reimbursement amount is also the lowest, leaving your companion less well insured in the event of a big problem.
  • The amount of the deductible: this is the amount you have to pay in the event of a claim… or not pay. At Lovys, there is no deductible: when you are told that you will be reimbursed for a certain amount, you actually receive that amount.
  • Additional costs: on paper, some packages seem inexpensive… This is without taking into account the application fees that considerably inflate the bill. At Lovys, rest assured: there are no fees, you only pay for the protection of your cat. And that’s it!

Guide and advice for your cat: which insurance to choose according to the breed?

At Lovys, we insure all breeds of cats. Let’s focus on some of them 👇

  • American Curl

Known for her curved ears, this perfect little companion has sturdy good health! Indeed, the American Curl is not subject to any hereditary disease. However, due to their more exposed ears, they can be prone to serious infections… Not to mention the diseases common to cats. To complete his compulsory vaccinations without breaking the bank, opt for a cat insurance policy that includes a prevention package (such as the Lovys ESSENTIAL cat insurance package).

  • American Shorthair

This beautiful cat has robust, solid health and has no pathological diseases specific to the breed. However, as a cat that likes to spend time outdoors, she can easily get injured or catch parasites. It is therefore recommended that American Shorthair owners take out good cat insurance to cover vaccinations, monthly worming and any accidents that may cause injury.

  • Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is robust by nature and is not prone to hereditary diseases. However, like all cats, she is not spared from mouth and dental problems, and must be vaccinated against the classic infectious feline diseases (coryza, rabies, FeLV, feline leukosis, typhus…). This cat loves to eat, but is also prone to obesity! It may therefore be worthwhile to take out comprehensive cat insurance with the option of “therapeutic feeding”.

  • Devon Rex

A rare pearl in the land of cats, the Devon Rex is not very robust and has a fragile health. Indeed, the Devon Rex is prone to several pathologies, such as skin infections, ear infections, myopathy, sensitivity to cold, and other diseases common to felines. You should expect to spend around €700 a year on compulsory vaccinations and a suitable diet. A cat health insurance policy will certainly help you to reduce your health care costs!

  • Highland Lynx

Known for her dog-like character and loyalty to her master, this kitty from the United States has robust health… or sometimes not. As a breed that has only recently been recognised, genetic diseases of the Highland Lynx are still unknown. It is therefore recommended that you take out cat insurance to prevent possible illnesses on the one hand, and to limit your veterinary costs (vaccinations, deworming, care of the animal) on the other.

  • Maine Coon

Weighing up to 10 kg and exceeding 1 metre in length (what 🙀), the Maine Coon is one of the largest cats in the world. But don’t think that his physique makes him invincible, quite the contrary! Fragile by nature, this breed of cat is predisposed to various diseases: dysplasia, polycystic kidney disease, feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy… Not to mention the common cat diseases (rabies, leukemia, coryza and typhus), which require vaccination. The best way to limit your costs and protect yourself against any possible risk is to take out a solid cat insurance policy!

  • Egyptian Mau

A legendary breed that has existed for thousands of years, the Egyptian May boasts one of the most robust immune systems in the world. It’s quite simple: her only weakness is changes in temperature, which can cause vomiting, stress, hair loss… To prevent these symptoms, as well as common cat diseases, health insurance for your kitty may be useful.

  • Sacred Burmese

Also known as the Burmese cat, this silky-coated cat with azure eyes costs between €600 and €800 to care for each year. The reason? The Sacred Burmese is predisposed to various hereditary diseases: polycystic kidney disease, urinary disorders, oral diseases, mucopolysaccharidosis type VI, etc. It goes without saying that the health of this cat requires increased monitoring from an early age, as well as a cat insurance policy.

  • Scottish Fold

Recognisable by its tiny folded ears (too cute 😻), this rather robust breed is unfortunately prone to osteochondrodysplasia (a pathology that can affect the skeleton and cartilage) causing physical deformities and anomalies. You should expect to pay between €500 and €800 for annual care, including vaccinations and booster shots to protect against common feline diseases. Taking out pet insurance can therefore be a useful way of reducing your veterinary costs.

  • Snowshoe

In the “cat with cast-iron health” family, I want… the Snowshoe! And for good reason: this breed, much appreciated for its calmness, is not predisposed to any hereditary pathology and tolerates the cold quite well. That said, the Snowshoe is not invincible and is subject to the classic cat diseases (rabies, leucosis, coryza and typhus), requiring mandatory vaccinations and boosters. To reduce your veterinary costs and prepare for possible accidents, consider taking out cat health insurance that includes a prevention package.

Lovys France

Online pet insurance at Lovys: we answer all your questions

Which animals can I insure with Lovys?

At the moment, Lovys pet insurance protects your dogs and cats.

Please note that they must be more than three months and less than eight years old at the start of the contract. In addition, your pet must be identifiable by tattoo or microchip.

What next? That’s it, we’ll take care of the rest 🤗

I can’t find my pet in the list, what can I do?

Don’t worry 😌 We can add your pet’s breed without any problem, as long as it exists. Please note that the breed of your pet has no impact on the amount of your Lovys contribution. There is no discrimination, we’re just super curious (hee, hee).

So if you can’t find your pet’s breed in the list, please write to us at You can also call us at 01 86 47 61 28, we are at your disposal from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 7pm 😊

What is the procedure for making an estimate?

With Lovys, you are the one who customises your quote 100%.

You can choose the cover that suits you and your pet’s needs. And because transparency is important to us, the price changes in real time according to the levels of protection you choose. We leave you in control!

To get a quote, nothing could be easier:

  • Go to the Lovys Dog/Cat Insurance page
  • Click on “Free quote”
  • Fill in the requested information about your pet and you’ll get your quote directly online!

Child’s play, isn’t it? 😊

How do I report my claims?

Easy! Your claims can be declared online from your client area or the Lovys mobile application, in just a few clicks.

Once your claim has been reported, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and your claim will be processed as soon as possible. If necessary, an advisor will contact you (to request additional documents, for example) so that you can get your reimbursement as soon as possible.

And that’s it 😊

In the event of a claim, do you reimburse me for the full cost of treatment?

Depending on the plan you choose, you will be entitled to a different level of reimbursement. Here is the breakdown of the available packages:


  • Annual ceiling of €1,000
  • Lovys covers 60% of your vet fees

BALANCE Package:

  • Annual ceiling of €1,200
  • Lovys covers 70% of your vet fees
  • Prevention package of €50 per year

PERFECT Package:

  • Annual ceiling of €1,500
  • Lovys covers 80% of your vet fees
  • Prevention package of €100 per year

Is spaying and neutering covered?

Affirmative! Part of the spaying or neutering costs can be reimbursed if you have opted for the ESSENTIAL or PERFECT packages of our Lovys insurance.

And because Lovys likes to see you smile, vaccination, deworming and teeth cleaning can also be reimbursed as part of the Prevention package for these two policies!

Are previously reported diseases covered?

Very good question! Regardless of the plan you choose, all accidents or illnesses originating before the date of subscription of your contract, as well as their consequences, are excluded from the benefits of the Lovys animal health insurance. In addition, bear in mind that there are waiting periods.

So be careful: make sure your furry friend has had his annual check-up (ideally a dental check-up every 12 months + vaccinations) to keep him in good health. If this is not the case, your claim may be rejected… And that would make us very sad!

Am I covered against the loss or theft of my pet?

Yes, as long as you choose our “Lost or Stolen Search Guarantee” option.

If the worst happens, you will be covered by your Lovys pet insurance. You will simply be asked to provide a sworn statement from the owner of the animal as proof.

You will then receive a lump sum of €250 for the costs incurred in finding your pet. You can count on us.

PS: Because advice is always welcome, you should also remember to report your lost pet with I-CAD, an organisation that facilitates – among other things – the search for lost dogs and cats. You will be able to take advantage (free of charge) of the I-CAD mutual aid network (shelters, pounds, animal associations, etc.). Think about it!

What is the duration of the contract?

Your contract is subscribed for a legal period of one year, renewable each year. This annual period ensures a fixed price.

What are the waiting periods?

Whichever formula you choose, Lovys pet insurance covers you:

  • In the event of an accident occurring after a period of 48 hours following the start date of your contract.
  • In the event of illness, provided that the first manifestation of this illness occurs after a period of 45 days following the date on which your policy benefits take effect.
  • In the event of surgery following an accident, without delay, provided that the accident which caused it occurred at least 48 hours after the start of your contract.
  • In the event of surgery following an illness, after a period of 4 months from the start of your contract and provided that the first manifestation of this illness took place 45 days after the start of your contract.

The guarantees of the “Funeral – Death”, “Loss and Theft” and “Therapeutic feeding” options are acquired 3 months after the date on which your contract takes effect.

If in doubt, please contact us by e-mail at, via our online chat (on Facebook or our website) or by phone at 01 86 47 61 28 😊 We’ll be only too happy to help!

I have several animals to insure, how do I go about it?

No problem, Lovys allows you to insure all your little protégés… on one condition! Since ONE insurance policy insures ONE animal, you must create as many policies as you have animals to protect.

Basically, if you want to insure your cat Minouche and your dog Nugget with Lovys, all you have to do is take out a first policy for your cat and then a second one for your dog. Don’t worry, it won’t take you more than 2 minutes per contract 😊 Fast!

What are the age limits for subscribing? Will my contract be cancelled when my pet is too old?

To take out Lovys pet insurance, your pet must be between 3 months and 8 years old – not younger or older!

And with good reason: if your pet reaches the age of 9, for example, Lovys will be able to terminate your insurance contract with legal justification (even if it breaks our hearts to think about it…). The rules are the rules 😕

What if I’m not sure of my pet’s age?

If you are a kind-hearted person who has adopted an abandoned animal, we congratulate you: the Earth needs more people like you 💙

However, to ensure that your pet has the best possible coverage, you must first:

  • On the one hand, declare him by identifying him with a microchip or tattoo;
  • On the other hand, get an estimate of his age by visiting the vet. The practitioner will then be able to examine your pet (weight, height…) before comparing the data with the growth curve of a cat or dog of that breed.

After these two steps, bingo: you will receive your pet’s identification number and card, which are essential for protecting your fur ball at Lovys.

Can I change my contract after my pet’s eighth birthday?

Before your pet’s eighth birthday, you can change your plan at any time.

Between your dog’s or cat’s eighth and ninth birthday, you can only change your plan to one with a lower reimbursement rate and a lower benefit limit than the one you have on the day of your application.

If your furry friend is about to blow out its eighth birthday candle, think about it 😉

Can I upgrade my options?

That’s a big YES.

You are free to complete the protection of your animal at any time, by adding (or removing) the options of your choice among our 3 optional guarantees: “Funeral – Death”, “Loss and theft” and “Therapeutic feeding”.

Any questions? Don’t be afraid to contact us by e-mail at, or by phone at 01 86 47 61 28. We promise, we won’t bite 😇

What payment methods are accepted?

Your Lovys premium is automatically deducted from your bank card every month, on the anniversary date of the first contract.

Our payment system is Stripe, a company with a high level of data protection certification. In fact, the security of shared information is our priority.

Moreover, Lovys does not know your bank details and does not store them itself. You can sleep soundly.

When do I have to pay the premium?

It all depends on the anniversary date of your first subscription.

For example, if you decide to insure your cat Gerbille for a total monthly amount of €20: we will debit your account once a month on the anniversary date of this first subscription (if you subscribed on the 10th of January, the debit will be made every 10th of the month).

If you wish to insure another animal at a later date, say on 14 June, you will pay the pro rata monthly payment for that second animal (in this example, 21 days). After that, you will pay the full amount of your subscription on the 10th of the month, as usual.

If you have any questions about all-in-one insurance and the debiting of your premiums, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at, via our online chat (on Facebook or our website) or by phone at 01 86 47 61 28 😊

When and where are my contract documents available?

When you pay and sign your contract, we will deposit the following documents in your Lovys customer area:

  • General Conditions
  • DIP or Product Information Document (a summary of the general conditions)
  • Specific Conditions
  • Medical expense claim form

For your convenience, we will send you an e-mail with a link to all these documents in due course 😊

One e-mail can hide another, remember to check your spam.

Does my guarantee work abroad?

Yes, travel safely with your furry friend!

All of the benefits of the plan you have chosen will apply to expenses you incur in metropolitan France or during your travels abroad (trips of less than three months).

How can I cancel my dog/cat insurance policy?

Do you want to leave us? Doggone, that’s really sad 😿 .

You can terminate your contract anytime after its renewal, very simply: just go to your client area, click on “Cancel”… and the deal is done.

The cover for your pet will then end immediately. Easy.